Have You Tried Bare Escentuals Makeup?

I get asked a lot about Bare Escentuals.  I think it’s because this San Francisco-based company has been around for a while and there’s a lot of marketing around it.

I myself have not had great experience with it.  You have to blend the foundation to make your own colour and that’s a process that I find kind of tedious.  When I tried to match a colour to my skin, I couldn’t get anything perfect and I thought that was a shame considering that there are tons of lines out there that make foundation my colour and I don’t see myself as hard to match (and regular readers should know – I’ve reviewed and tried tons of foundations and the only way that I can really try them is if I can wear them for atleast a week and for me to do that, I have to find a foundation in my colour).

I do like the Bare Escentuals blotting powder.  It works and it’s pretty sheer.

If you can find a Bare Escentuals foundation in your colour, then great, try it out, but don’t look to me – I can’t endorse it.

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11 Responses to Have You Tried Bare Escentuals Makeup?

  1. Jackie says:

    I use Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup everyday. I just started using it a few months ago and was a little weary myself about the colour matching. I found that since it goes on more sheer than your usual liquid foundation and you can build the coverage, its not hard to match your skin tone. I bought the starter kit and it comes with two shades of mineral foundation (light and medium). My first use I was prepared to have to use both colours to try to match my skin tone, but I found that the light worked perfect for me. Now that the sun has come out and I’ve got a tan on my face I have switched to using the medium shade and it also matches great. I’ve gotta say though that the Mineral Veil and Warmth that come with the Starter Kit are absolutely amazing. The Mineral Veil is like a sheer, shimmer that creates (and I’m seriously not exaggerating here) that flawless look and the warmth is like a bronzer (the best darned bronzer I’ve ever used). What I like most about Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation is that it feels so weightless, like you aren’t wearing any at all and you never have to do the excessive blending around the edges of the face to ensure you don’t get that mask line. AND you can swim in it, sweat in it, get stuck in the rain with it, whatever…. And it never runs, smears, or smudges. Awesome makeup. The Bare Escentuals eye colours are also good but they don’t have enough pigment for my liking. Awesome foundation though. So glad I switched.

  2. Tracy S. says:

    I’ve tried to use Bare Escentuals, but found that it made my pores on my nose look HUGE. Plus it would make me breakout with weird little red bumps on my forehead. I do like the face warmth-it is a good bronzer, but if you are fair you have to be very careful not to use to much because it is so heavily pigmented. The eyeshadows are a little too glittery for me and I find they are just too messy.
    I do like Pur Minerals (sorry Henna!) but I do agree with Henna – I find I have to mix the light and blush medium colours together to match my skin tone. They do sell a pan that is half one colour, half the other so that’s what I buy. I also like Mac Mineralize SkinFinish Natural too- it’s really nice and I find that the light medium is a perfect match for me.

  3. Tracy S. says:

    Oh! Forgot something! One product I really love from Bare Escentuals is their mascara Buxom Lash. It lengthens and volumizes and curls my lashes all at once. No smearing or racoon eyes either. Great stuff.

  4. Henna says:

    Tracy, I love the Skinfinish too! Especially the blushes – they make you look so pretty!

  5. Bare Escentuals cosmetic and make-up products are very good. I have tried a few and they are good.

  6. Michael says:

    You don’t have to mix more than one color there are colors that will match. you really need to go to a bare escentuals store a get color matched. Also you should aways use a primer when using loose minerals or any makeup for that matter. Also it different then any makeup out there you have to really do circles with the brushes to get a good smooth coverage then mineral veil. Just visit the store they will show you how everything works and its a free lesson before you but it.

  7. Henna says:

    Hi Michael,
    thanks for your comment. The one time I went into a Bare Escentuals store was in SF Fisherman’s Wharf and it was packed and beyond crowded. I just didn’t have time to wait for someone to help me in that environment, but I really should go into a store again!

    Agree with the point about using a primer. I’ve been using MAC’s and it’s worked wonders…

  8. Maria says:

    I’ve been using Bare Escentuals for a few months now and love it, love it, love it! I too, Henna, am using the Mac primer under my Bare Escentuals and it goes on so smoothly. I’m lucky that I usually only have a bit of ruddiness and redness to cover, but when I do get a breakout, the powder covers it so well.

    If you find the B.E. stores are too busy, try Sephora, fantastic!!!

  9. Henna says:

    Maria, I love that MAC primer too! It is amazing and I use my Lancome mineral foundation with it. Perfection.

  10. Emma says:

    Where can you purchase Bare Escentuals in Toronto. Am planning to visit there this Summer and was wondering is it easy to find. Thanks in advance,

  11. Henna says:

    Sephora carries it as do some Shoppers Drug Mart locations now.

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