Have Your Say: Fashion Magazine’s 10th Annual Beauty Awards

Fashion Magazine is holding it’s 10’th Annual Beauty Awards!  Head over and complete the survey and you could win 1 of 5 beauty prize packs!

Meanwhile, here’s the list of categories… Tell us what items you have to vote for in the comments.
Did you know…
In the early 19th century, women used homemade anti-wrinkle creams made of egg whites boiled in rosewater and alum.

1) Cleanser
Foaming or cream, gel or liquid, cleansers are an essential part of daily skin care.

2) Moisturizer
Does it have alpha-hydroxy acids? An SPF? Is it brightening?

3) Eye Cream
Crow’s feet. Dehydration. Puffiness. Which eye cream works for you?

4) Exfoliator
We understand why you love to exfoliate: You rid skin of dead cells and give it instant radiance. Tell us which exfoliator helps you glow.

5) Lip Balm
A stick, a pot or a tube—it doesn’t matter what form you get it in. Which balm cures your chapped lips?

6) Sunscreen
This is every woman’s skin saver. Is yours oil-free? Formulated for sensitive skin? Which one is your SPF staple?

7) Serum
Does it deliver vitamins to your skin? Work overtime? Is it anti-aging? Tell us which serum you can’t do without.

8) Facial Mask
Whether it’s exotic algae or cucumber, tell us which facial mask you rely on to boost your skin’s glow.

1) Foundation
Liquid-to-powder, sheer or medium coverage? Zit warrior or wrinkle eraser? Tell us which foundation transforms your skin into a better version of itself.

2) Face Powder
All year round, face powder gives skin a flawless, even finish. Which one works for you?

3) Bronzer
What gives you that Bahamas glow? Is it a cream or sheer powder? Tell us which product delivers bronze perfection.

4) Mascara
Once you find a mascara you love, it’s hard to stray. Which one do you keep going back to?
Brand – (L)

5) Concealer
In a tube or a pot, which concealer is your favourite undercover agent?
Brand – (M)

6) Makeup Remover
Tell us which makeup remover works quickly and gently without leaving a trace.

Did you know…
In the late 1930s, lipstick was so popular women applied it more regularly than they brushed their teeth.

1) Lipgloss
Strawberry or melon, clear or vixen red, lipgloss is in every woman’s purse. Tell us which shade gives you the glossiest lips.

2) Lipstick
Hopelessly devoted to the same hue? Or constantly switching colours? Let us know which lipstick is always in your makeup bag.

3) Eyeshadow
Whether it’s muted or shocking, tell us which shade adorns your lids.

4) Eyeliner
Worn dramatically thick or softly smudged, eyeliner gives a swipe of sophistication. Tell us which liner you love.

5) Blush
Cream or powder, sponge applicator or brush, tell us which shade saves your face from ghastly pallor.

Did you know…
The first mass-produced sunscreen was developed in 1944.

1) Soap
Does it contain shea butter? Aloe? Does it smell beyond divine? Tell us which soap never leaves your shower.

2) Exfoliator/Scrub
Nothing leaves skin softer than a good exfoliating scrub. Which brand is your favourite?

3) Body Wash
Clarifying or moisturizing, body wash marries perfectly with a washcloth. Which one works for you?

4) Razor
Which razor do you prefer?

5) Shave Cream or Gel
Which shave cream or gel gets your skin smooth?

6) Sunscreen
Naturally, you always apply sunscreen a half-hour before going outdoors. Which brand works for you?

7) Self-Tanner
It makes you look as if you just came back from French Polynesia. Which brand gives you the best glow?

8) Body Lotion
An after-shower must, body lotion locks in moisture. Which brand is your favourite?

9) Hand Cream
Let’s face it, the Canadian climate can be rough on our hands.  What cream keeps your hands silky smooth all year round?

10) Cellulite Product
It makes your skin less dimpled and makes you believe in miracles. Which cellulite product do you turn to?

Did you know…
The first hair dryers were vacuum cleaners adapted for drying hair.

1) Shampoo
Do you love your shampoo’s smell? Does it give your hair incredible shine? Does it have organic ingredients or enhance your colour? Tell us which shampoo never leaves your shower caddy.

2) Conditioner
Which conditioner leaves your locks soft and shiny?

3) Styling Product
Which product helps get your hair picture-perfect?

4) Home Hair Colour
Which home hair colour gives you salon-perfect results?

5) Home Highlighting Kit
Which home highlighting kit gives you perfect streaks every time?

6) Hair Tool (e.g., blow dryer, flat iron etc.)
Big and curly or sleek and straight? What hair tool is a must in your morning routine?

Did you know..
Black nail polish had a short-lived phase in 1932. It was a gothic trend during the 1990s, then became mainstream in 2006 when it was spotted on fashion runways and on celebrities like Mischa Barton.

1) Nail Polish (Manicure)
Which brand keeps your nails perfectly groomed and chip-free for days?

2) Nail Polish (Pedicure)
Which nail polish is your best pedicure bet?

Did you know…
Even in the 17th century, the design of a perfume bottle was just as important as the scent within it.

Fragrance (Women’s)
Do you have a signature scent, or a right-now favourite if you prefer to change your scent with your mood?

Fragrance (Men’s)
Is there a men’s scent that stops you in your tracks? Tell us which one.

Location (where applicable)

Favourite spa for manicures and pedicures

Favourite spa for facials

Favourite spa for massage

Favourite spa treatment

Favourite spa product

Favourite manicurist

Favourite pedicurist

Favourite esthetician

Favourite salon

Favourite hairstylist

Favourite colourist

Favourite hair treatment

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