Heiko SPF 40 Physical Sunscreen UVA & UVB Ultra Protection Sunscreen

Heiko SPF 40 is a physical blocking sunscreen, which means it contains 18 percent zinc oxide as the sun block, and leaves that gross, white chalky reside on your skin that everyone hates.

That said, MANY derms recommend that you use this sort of gross, chalky white sunscreen that contains the physical blockers. Simply put, it is speculated that chemical blockers such as mexoryl, PABA, Parsol 1789, and avobenzone may generate free radicals inside your body. It makes sense, because chemical sunblocks absorb light, physical blockers reflect light. (There’s actually a whole host of horrible side effects that may or may not be associated with chemical sunscreen use if you care to google it.)

Also, physical blockers are recommended for people who have sensitive skin, because they are generally less irritating to the skin.

Now that that’s said, Heiko has this nice cinnamon smell and doesn’t contain any dyes or synthetic fragrances. I liked that it felt cool and non-sticky when it was dry, but my favourite thing about the sunscreen was the peace of mind that I wasn’t generating more cancer-causing free radicals by using the sunscreen.

This is available at your local drug and food stores, and a 150 mL bottle retails for $30.

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3 Responses to Heiko SPF 40 Physical Sunscreen UVA & UVB Ultra Protection Sunscreen

  1. Sarluita says:

    I tried it for about a month and broke out horribly…not recommended for people with oily and somewhat sensative skin.

    I also found that because of my olive skin tone, it was really hard to blend in, and took a good half hour to really get rid of the grey tone on my face…

    However, the nice thing is, it uses mineral sunscreen and doesn’t contain alumina like other mineral sunscreens do…

  2. Wynzie says:

    I didn’t even try this on my face because of the white, chalky factor. It stayed pretty white on my body and neck though, it didn’t really seem to absorb at all on me. (I have an olive skin tone too.)

    That’s really good to know Sarluita, thanks!

  3. Henna says:

    Yeah, in order to avoid breakouts because of sunblock, I try to stick to sunblock that’s meant strictly for the face.

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