Help Dry Hair: White Sands Porosity The Fix

Major hair styling for weddings and such over the summer has meant that my hair is in need of some major TLC.

When I heard that White Sands had a product that was meant for dry and damaged hair styling, I had to try it.  A quick look at the ingredient list left me a bit wary – it was a mix of oils and waxes that I thought would leave my hair greasy rather than moisturized.

I needn’t have worried because this product does what it promises to do – gives you wonderfully soft, shiny, and manageable hair!  I didn’t like using this on dry hair because my hair is super fine, and this weighed it down a bit, but on wet hair, I’d say this is pretty much a holy grail product. Though it feels quite slick going in, your hair absorbs it while it’s drying and you’re left with just really wonderful hair.

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2 Responses to Help Dry Hair: White Sands Porosity The Fix

  1. When I first looked at this product without reading the title, I thought this was perfume. And it sounds like a great product. The ends of my tresses feel like hay lately, they’re begging me for hydration. I think I want to try this. Where can I find it?

    Thanks Henna!

  2. Henna says:

    You can get it from their website:

    Or try!

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