Heretic Dirty Rose Perfume

I picked up this perfume at the GOOP pop-up in Toronto this summer and I didn’t use it right away. I bought it and then I immediately had buyer’s regret because the perfume smelled kind of warm for me. 

But it smells totally different in the colder months.  The warmth definitely dies down, and you’re left with a rose, pepper, lemony smell that’s fresh and wearable.  Although this is an eau de parfum, it doesn’t smell very strong, or at least I’m not noticing it smelling so strong, and I can spray it behind my knees, in my elbows, and behind my neck and forget that I’m even wearing it.  Which is why the bottle is half-empty already even though I just got it in July.

I’ll keep wearing this and mixing in my other cold-weather scents, but Dirty Rose is a winner for me.

Also, the guy who made Dirty Rose, and other Heretic perfumes also helped formulate the Goop scents, and I do wish that I had picked those up instead of this one. But there’s always next time.

$65 USD on, but I believe I paid $98 Canadian at the store.

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