Highlight Like Vanessa Hudgens

Highlighter is one of those products that not enough people use, and so many people use badly. If its one thing that you remember NOT to do it’s that you shouldn’t be putting highlighter on a part of your face that’s broken out. That means, no highlighter on your cheeks, if that’s happened recently. And yes, that often includes shimmery blush. Think about it: to highlight means to draw attention to, and you don’t want to be drawing attention to any of those scarred places.

DO however, use highlighter like Vanessa Hudgens at the MTV Movie Awards. Seriously, there is nothing better than highlighting your eyes to open them up, and a little bit in the inside corner can go a really long way. Her hair and makeup is simple but it works – and the white dress is similarly pretty in a simple way, but it’s the highlighter that shows that she’s put effort into this.

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  1. Natasha says:

    For years I’ve been using the NARS Multiple in Copacabana as my exclusive highlighter and love it. Although, the other day I picked up Luxor and like using that with cooler palettes. What do you use?

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