Holiday Gifts from Pop Beauty!

Enough of the introductions, I’ll get right to the point. When I saw the price of his Hello Gorgeous! set from Pop Beauty, I did a double take. Everything you see below (a $150 value US) for $48. Get this for the aspiring makeup artist in your group of friends or the girl who’s still learning how to put on the right colours.

If you want something more subtle (and perhaps more usable?) you try the Beauty Goddess Clutch. The inside houses 2 pretty cheek shimmers (that show up even on darker skin tones) and a sheer lipgloss. There are 8 eye shadows with such silky textures and the right amount of shimmer. The taupe shade that’s second from the left on the bottom was so pretty on me, that a friend went out and bought the clutch too. The best part is that you can take makeup out and use the silver clutch as a purse!

The best part about Pop Beauty is that it’s an indi beauty brand that gives you bang for your buck. Everything I’ve tried has been high quality and really easy to use which makes it my top picks this season.

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3 Responses to Holiday Gifts from Pop Beauty!

  1. pupsugar says:

    This Hello Gorgeous set seems like a must have, especially at that price! Speaking of must haves and holidays – What are some essentials should I have on me when I leave the house? Like everyone else, I’ve got a lot of xmas parties to attend and I always find myself asking friends to borrow their lip gloss and hand lotions. I need to make my own bag of essentials… where do I start?

  2. Marijna says:

    Do you know where you can buy pop beauty products here in Canada? I tried to buy mascara from their website and it would cost $44 just to ship it! I tries on Amazon, but none of the retailers there would ship to Canada. Any ideas?

  3. Henna says:

    Hi Marijna,

    Sorry but I haven’t seen them around recently.


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