Holiday Nails with CND Sparkling Effects (Swatch!)

I am turning into a CND fan and I really think that it’s going to be a nail polish brand to watch for.

Check out what they have for the holidays: a kit of silver and gold glitter polish that you can wear on its own or on top of other polish colours.  The kit comes with a full size (9.8 mL) or Silver Sparkling Effect and Gold Sparkling Effect polishes.

Check out my swatches below.

I used the Gold Glitter (#570) on top of OPI’s Barefoot in Barcelona that I was already wearing on my nails.  One coat was so-so…

but 2 coats make the polish look better than it did before, and both colours dry to a clear finish.  The polishes won’t give you bling bling nails, but they can easily take your regular polish to the next level.

I always order CND products from because I do have a hard time finding them locally.

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3 Responses to Holiday Nails with CND Sparkling Effects (Swatch!)

  1. Oooooh! I think wearing a rich burgundy colour with the gold sparkle on top would be so pretty for a holiday party!

  2. Wow this are great a very easy too. were can i find this CND Sparkling Effects ? looking in my next shop tour …


  3. Henna says:!

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