Holistic Vanity Damage Care

Damage Care is a new skincare collection from Holistic Vanity with a focus on treating trauma caused by sun, pollution, and other skin sins such as overly aggressive or negligent skincare regimes. Formulated with concentrated botanical ingredients, the products contain rose hydrosol or aloe vera juice as the base as opposed to plain water. I recently tried the five-product lineup, which includes a cleanser, tonic, lotion and two nourishing oils.

Designed for delicate skin types, Rejuvenating Rosewater Cleanser ($38) left my complexion soft, smooth and very clean. The vitamin-rich, milky cleanser includes ginseng and geranium and smells amazing.

Repairing Rosehip Skin Tonic ($38) is another standout in the collection. It’s made up exclusively of the nectar extracted from the rosehip fruit and when lightly pressed into the skin, this anti-oxidant-packed tonic feels and smells incredibly luxurious. Cultivated in a sustainable resource-regulated method, the rosehip nectar is harvested just once a year so stock up while it’s available in-store.

Brightening Hyaluronic Lotion ($68) is charged with hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid plus pigment-treating seaweeds to help heal sunspots and scars. This lotion is lightweight enough to layer with one of the collection’s nourishing oils.

Regenerating Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil ($58) protects damaged skin from environmental stressors and promotes cellular regeneration. The oil is thin but incredibly rich. Only a pearl size amount is required for the face and it’s best to wait a few minutes for the oil to absorb.

Although argan oil is prevalent in many cosmetics products, Restorative Raw Argan Oil ($58) is simply that – raw argan oil, made by hand in an all-female West Moroccan cooperative using traditional methods, with no additional ingredients or fillers. Argan oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and soothes damaged skin. My skin felt softer and less dry after using this nightly for a week. It’s also nice on dry hair ends.

Holistic Vanity Damage Care will be introduced into Pure + Simple stores and available online in November.


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