Holt Renfrew Beauty Night!

Holt Renfrew is having a Beauty Night on April 29th, 2008 at all its stores.

I went to the last one in October and it was quite the event. There was free food and candy, and best of all tons of samples to be had. Some of the special guests were people who had their own eponymous makeup lines such as Beau Nelson of Beaute Cosmetics, and Debra Lippman of the nailpolish brand. It was a crazy night – lots of people – but it was a lot of fun too!

Click on the flier to find out more, and if you’ve never experienced the event for yourself, you probably should!

update: link fixed, click on the flier now.

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  1. DLF says:

    Clicking the flier doesn’t do anything. I’d love to go, but I can’t find the flier online either.

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