Hope in a Jar For Dry Skin

philosophy hope in a jar for dry skinIf you’ve been reading this blog for long, you know that I’ve always been a huge fan of Hope in a Jar by Philosophy.  It’s a moisturizer that makes your skin brighter but has a light formulation.

Because my skin recently went through a bout of dryness, I turned to the Dry Skin formula of Hope in the Jar.

In the jar and in my hands, the moisturizer is a thick cream that’s not very emollient.  I was expecting some greasiness (and I was okay with that), but after spreading this cream on my skin and really rubbing it in, I was surprised to see that it set to a matte finish.  I figured my skin was super dry and just drank this moisturizer up.  But I’ve since used it again and again, and even on my hands, and I find that no matter what, this moisturizer absorbs into my skin quickly and sets to the same grease-less finish.

It’s quite amazing.

The hydration is immediate and lasts the entire day.  For better or for worst, I could feel this wash off my skin at the end of the day but I was happy to know that it was atleast still on my skin.

Does it work well with makeup?

Yes, it absolutely does.  I was using liquid and powder foundation at the time that I first started using this, and once it has absorbed into your skin, you can layer anything else on top.

I will say that this formula doesn’t brighten as well as the original Hope in a Jar does, but it’s still an amazing moisturizer.

Pick it up at Sephora or The Bay for $52.  Used daily, the jar should last you atleast three months.


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