How to Apply Sunless Tanner

I’m always going to suggest you don’t sun tan.  It is really damaging to your skin and it’s the best way to look older than you really are when you’re in your 30’s. Many of you are new to self-tanner may be wondering how to apply it. I’ve given some tips before that you might want to check out.

My advice is that if you’re a beginner, start by mixing it into your moisturizer so that your mistakes won’t be as obvious.

If you choose to go full strength and want a tan the next day, make sure that you exfoliate before applying the product.

Don’t moisturize your skin, and apply the self-tanner directly to your skin.  Work in small batches and make sure that you rub in the product until it’s completely absorbed.  This will ensure that you get a streak-free finish.

If you have an extra day before you need to be tan, then thoroughly exfoliate your skin again the next day.  This won’t take off all the tan but will help correct any mistakes and will make the tan look more even.  After this, you can reapply the self-tanner if you need to, or enjoy your new tan!

Want to know a good sunless tanner to pick up?  We’re liking Clinique’s Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion.  It has a hint of bronzer and shimmer in it so that you can see exactly where you’re applying product, and is a moisturizing gel formula. $38 at Sephora and your local Clinique counter.

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6 Responses to How to Apply Sunless Tanner

  1. Conny says:

    Have you tried Lancaster self tanning yet??

  2. Henna says:

    I have! Review coming up in about a week.

  3. Halifax says:

    Great tips. I’m also curious whether Jergen Glow works as well. Thanks

  4. DebbyC says:

    I have the jergen Glow in medium to tan and it works REALLY well. Its subtle and buildable so there arent any mistakes. It has a hint of shimmer too. Its one of the best ive tried and it you go to Costco u can get it for a better price 🙂

  5. Henna says:

    Thanks Halifax and DebbyC! We loved the Jergens product too! Here’s our original review:

    And our review of the Jergens Natural Glow Express:

  6. Henna says:

    Conny, I still haven’t tried the Lancaster Self Tanning. I did try the Jergens Glow and it works great.

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