How to Ditch Your Lash Curler

It’s summer so I’m more receptive than ever to beauty shortcuts. At a recent visit to Eye Love Brow & Beauty Bar, I stumbled upon a service that not only saves me precious minutes every morning but totally stepped up my lash game in the process: I got a lash perm.

Though the name conjures somewhat off-putting images (ringlet lashes?), a lash perm is essentially a chemical solution applied to the upper lashes to create a lasting, natural curl eliminating the need for your daily curling device at home. It’s a specialty service that isn’t widely available and should be performed by a seasoned pro, like Mary Dang who has been chemically curling Toronto lashes for the two years her Eye Love studio has been open.

A lash perm involves a number of steps and the overall service takes around an hour. First, the eyes are measured and appropriately sized pads placed over the eyelids. A water-based adhesive is used to fix the lashes over the curve of the pad. A two-part solution is then applied to the lashes for a total of 30 minutes. Eyes remain closed throughout the service. I experienced zero discomfort unless you count the perm-like smell of the chemical solution.

The results, which last around six weeks after the first treatment and longer with subsequent lash perms, were impressive. My lashes don’t have much natural curl and I usually have one or two renegades that grow downwards. I’ve never been super adept with a curler so I was stoked to see that every single lash (including the little inner corner ones that I always miss!) had a very pretty curl. Post-perm mascara applications have been a dream and I confidently rock a mascara-free look on the weekends.

If you’re considering getting a lash perm, Mary suggests looking for a studio that specializes in brows and lashes. She also cautions that one size does not fit all so be sure that the service provider measures before fitting the lash pads. Ask the service provider lots of questions and look for referrals and reviews before booking.




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  1. Kathy says:

    I had heard about this and watched a you tube video about it as I would love to try it. Is there anywhere in Peterborough or Kingston- Belleville areas of Ontario does anyone know of? Thanks

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