Canadian Beauty Brands

How To Support The Economy in Your Own Backyard.

Canadian beauty products.  You’d think I’d have a list of this already but here we are.  If you want to shop Canadian, keep scrolling.

When the pandemic was just starting – it was in China and that seemed so far away – I kept wondering about our supply of stuff and how much of it comes from China.  If they had the virus, wouldn’t it be possible that we’d get it in clothes or some other such thing?  Would we have to shop Canadian?

And now it’s here, and we’re all at home, and daily there seems to be a notice of businesses that are closing or will close because they can’t sustain being open with no foot traffic.  Even if they do online sales, it seems like people are buying less simply because of the unemployment rate. And then do we want to buy Canadian because we’re then supporting our neighbors?

All the travel and shipping we took for granted… it might be over.  Do we want to shop Canadian now?

Just because a company is Canadian doesn’t mean that they’re sourcing ingredients in Canada, or that they’re even manufacturing here.  But I’ll let you decide what you want to buy.  I like to eat local but I also like oranges and they don’t grow here so… I’m not giving up oranges.

Here’s a list of Canadian companies whose products I’ve tried, so that you can buy Canadian if you want.

  1. Deciem.  They are the company that launched The Ordinary.  If you like Argan and Marula oil, it doesn’t grow here either, but you can get it for a reasonable price from Deciem.
  2. Raincry.  Professionally formulated shampoos and conditoners available at Nordstrom and The Bay.  Their formulas are wonderful.

3. Woodlot.  Beautiful candles and scented goods.

4. CoverFX.  Their makeup is on sale at Sephora right now.

5. Reversa. Great skincare.

6. Saje Wellness.  I’m sad that I can’t go to their stores right now.  They always offered a great sensory experience.

7. Bite Beauty.  I loved that their lip balms taste so good and are food grade because my kids eat them.  Oh well.

8. Lise Watier.  High end drugstore.  Is that a thing?

9. Stellar.  It’s by Monica Deol.

10. Graydon skincare.  Clean beauty out of Toronto.

11. Les Essentiels by The Hudson’s Bay.

12. Consonant Skincare.

13. Veriphy Skincare.  Made by scientists out of Guelph, Ontario.

14. Basd Body Care.

15. Province Apothecary.  Smells so good.

16. Marc Anthony Haircare.  One of my favourite hair care lines and available at the drugstore.

17. Cake Beauty.  They had dry shampoo before it was trendy and they made it smell like cake.


19. Live Clean.  I’ve used a ton of their products and I love them.

20. Rocky Mountain Soap Company.  Out of Canmore, Alberta.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owner and talking product formula and sunscreen with her is a highlight of me running this blog.

21. Indeed Labs.  Based out of Toronto, this company is a bit like The Inkey List.  They make products that work but offer them at an affordable price.

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