How To Take Care of Your Nails During Quarantine

Are you now forced to take a break from your gel or shellac nails? Want to know how you can grow your nails so that they’re strong and healthy? I have a video from that – it was a request from an online friend who saw that my nails are long and still growing.

Really, moisturize your hands as much as you can, and your nails will thank you too. I even sometimes use my face care products on my hands and my nails have never looked better. Especially when I use vitamin C on my nails.


Here’s what I mentioned:

@shoppersdrugmartofficial Quo Acetone
@cndworld Rescue Rxx
@cndworld Solar Oil
@opicanada Infinite Shine collection
@sallyhansenca Complete Salon Care Nail Polish

I hope you enjoy the video and if you have ideas for other videos you’d like to see me make, leave me a comment!

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