How To Wear Those Wide Trouser Jeans: Katie Holmes Shows Us

I have a story about the wide jeans.  Last summer, I was at Over The Rainbow, which is this denim store in Yorkville, Toronto which is kind of a super trendy high-end shopping area.  The Holt Renfrew, the Four Seasons, and other high end stores are there, so enough said.  Anyway, I had these trouser jeans on by Seven and wanted a similar pair.  Well, the girl helping me says: “we only have one style of those available because nobody wants those anymore.”  Well!  That fall, the wide-legged trouser jean started to make a comeback, and thankfully I was already stocked up.

In any case, I love the style because it’s so flattering.  The wideness at the bottom of the jean can make your waist and thighs look slimmer.  You just need to find a style that really works for you.

And that’s why I loved this picture of Katie Holmes: she wears the wide leg with a simple tee and it works so well.  If you want a tee like this, check out Club Monaco – they always have lots, and sometimes they also come in warmer materials like cashmere.

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