Lancome Hypnose Eau de Parfum

I had never tried Lancome’s Hypnose but figured I should since a counter lady told me that it was one of their best-selling perfumes! The scent was offered in a limited edition Sheer version this summer.

The top note of this scent didn’t rub me the right way, but I had already sprayed it directly on myself so I kept it on. I’m so glad I did, because the drydown was completely worth it. I have to say that this is the most comforting scent I’ve every worn. I’m hooked to the warmth of the vanilla because it’s not too sweet either. And once the scent had warmed up on me I couldn’t stop sniffing it!

Hypnose has quickly – and unexpectedly – become one of my all-time favourite scents and I’m going back for the Eau de Parfum which I’m sure will be lovely in the winter.

Available at Lancome counters.

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6 Responses to Lancome Hypnose Eau de Parfum

  1. Fabulously Broke in the City says:

    I’m always scared of fancy names like Prada, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder and Lancome.

    For some reason, I don’t associate their fragrances with warm, and vanilla-y (which I love!!!)

    I’ll have to try Hypnose though, if only for the fact that Daria Werbowy posed in their ads 😉

  2. Henna says:

    Yes try it – it’s a bestseller for a reason and really perfect for fall weather.

  3. Donna says:

    Hello Henna,

    I like scents that aren’t too heavy so maybe I’ll try the Hypnose.


  4. {t} says:

    have you tried the new SJP perfume….I am going to go into the counter at the Bay and see if they have a sample I can wear for a whole day to test. I enjoy wearing Lovely

  5. Henna says:

    Yeppers, I have tried Covet, the new SJP scent, and it’s just not me. I couldn’t stand it actually, but fragrance tastes are so individual so don’t let my opinion deter you from buying it!

  6. La Bellissima says:

    My all-time fave Lancome parfume is their Magie Noire, which isn’t that well-known. But it is just so beautiful and sensual.

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