I Tried It! Lash Extensions at Noir Lash Lounge

So @NoirLashLounge opened in Calgary, and I just had to check out what the fuss about lash extensions is about.  I called up Noir, and got an appointment with their most experienced technician, Dawn.  She’s been working at Noir for a year and a half, and where most technicians take up to an hour and a half to install eyelashes, she just takes 45 minutes.

I think the results speak for themselves.  I picked thick lashes, in the 14 size which were about 1mm longer than my own lashes.  The final result was a nice long natural-looking fringe that didn’t need any mascara on it.

The extensions last a month, and I found that a few fell out every day, which really didn’t make a difference in the overall look.

3 weeks later, I still have some lashes in, though most of them have fallen out.  I think that because I have oily skin, the lashes fell out a bit quicker than most people’s might, but I’m at the point now that I can wear mascara and the lashes still look fine.

The lashes are $75 a set.  They are totally worth the price, but I think I’d only get them for special occasions just because I miss being able to wash my face like normal.

Noir Lash Lounge in Calgary is at #100A 2303 4th St SW Calgary, AB.  Call (403) 228-1164 to make an appointment.

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2 Responses to I Tried It! Lash Extensions at Noir Lash Lounge

  1. dbenv June 28, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    Noir Lash Lounge is by far the worst place I have been to. I have tried 4 places in total and I found this one to be the worst. They do not add false lashes to every one of your lashes, and yes it is noticeable – I went back to fix the issue, and they added like 4 more lashes which didnt really make a difference… they droop on the sides (which in my experience has never happened before) and they told me that they couldnt do it properly because my lashes were too short (I trimmed them – but that is a whole other story) but when I first trimmed them I got them done at another salon 2 days later and I didnt have one issue. I would highly disregard this company, and would recommend others such as Hot Lashes (Jamie is amazing!!) or Lash Envy (though expensive). I find the Lash Bars dont do as good of a job as the mobile services.

  2. Savannah December 6, 2014 at 1:32 pm #

    I tried noir and did not like the results. After talking to one of the girls who works there, my friend, she told me that the training process or “school” is the girls practicing on models with no proper instruction. They are very stingy with there products. Not worth your money!

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