In 3D

Remember MAC LusterGlass? it’s still on the market, and it can be thought of as Lipglass’s little sister – the colours were similar to the Lipglasses, but the finish wasn’t as sticky. Well their texture is a lot like that of MAC 3D glosses. The difference? These come in colours that are either very bright or on the pale side. My favourites are the brights. If you like the idea of a reddish lip stain but the Benetint or Vincent Longo hasn’t worked for you for whatever reason, you might want to try the cherry red 3D Glass. I’ve noticed that once the gloss wears off, your lips are left with a bit of a stain which I really like. The brightest shades (In 3D, Wondershine, Boundless, Racy, and Algorithm) are my favourites. They go on sheer so they are quite wearable but they can be layered for a brighter look.

In any case, the lip glosses are pretty great if you’ve been looking for something non-sticky and with a punch of colour. Incidentally, the collection also includes a group of lip pencils that are sheer but not glossy. Their texture is like that of sheer lipstick and because they’re shimmerless and matte, I think that they really would help gloss stay on longer. You can find the entire In 3D collection at your local MAC counter.

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