Indeed Laboratories inDefense30 Sunscreen

Finding a good sunscreen for the summer is essential because if you find one that you love and can afford, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to use in on the regular and prevent sun damage.  The year that I said “to heck with it” one summer in Toronto and spent loads of time in the sun was the year that I got the most freckles from the sun, so I’m not doing that again, because I’ve found that the damage is pretty much there for a year if not more. 

I like Indeed Laboratories inDefense30 sunscreen.  It’s a from the Toronto brand, and it’s more moisturizing than the other sunscreen lotions that I’ve tried.  It actually has antioxidants in it which are supposed to help prevent environmental damage anyway.  It also has 7% zinc oxide as the physical sunscreen barrier, and that helps prevent the sun damage.  

Truth be told, the zinc oxide makes for a slight whitish cast on the skin, but I avoid this by making sure that I put this on my neck and my face, and when there’s foundation on top, the resulting effect is just more coverage instead of less.  I also make sure that I blend blend blend, and I don’t use this at night time.  It’s not a sunscreen that I would use on my whole body, but I like it for daily use.  

The ingredients include mica and dimethicone which is nice because one helps reflect light, making your skin look better than ever, and the other one makes for a really smooth application. 

Pick it up at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada, or look online to see where they sell it near you.  You can also purchase it directly from their website ($17.99), and if you subscribe to their emails you can get 15% off!

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