Ingredients that Help You Get Rid of Acne Video

This isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. A list of some of the major ingredients that get rid of acne and how they work. I start by telling some of my history with acne, and this is what led to me trying so many things.

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My own personal journey with acne-prone skin has been a long one and I’ve tried tons of different products and ingredients along the way. Here’s a run-down of what ingredients to look for when you are fighting acne and how they work in their own ways. You might need to try different things to figure out the best products for you! I saved my favourite one for last. Products mentioned: @neutrogenacanada Rapid Clear with has benzoyl peroxide. @neostratacanada Acne Clear with Salicylic Acid. @neostratacanada Peeling Solution @glossier Solution. @deciem Glycolic Acid Toning Solution. Differin retinol. @vivierskin Exfoliator with Lactic Acid @deciem The Ordinary Niacinamide. And then add some vitamin C. #acne #acnetreatment #acneproblems #lacticacid #lacticacidpeel #theordinary @deciemchatroom #skincare #skincareadvice #igtvchannel #igtvbeauty #peel #retinol #salicylicacid #niacinamide #beautyeditor #whyisyourskinsogood #whyisyourskinsoclear #antiacne #toner

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Here’s what I mentioned and if I’ve done a full review, it’s linked!

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Mask which has Benzoyl Peroxide in it.

Neostrata Acne Clear lotion with 2% Salicylic Acid.

Glossier Solution.

Deciem Glycolic Acid Toning Solution

Differin Retinol Gel.

Vivier Exfoliator with Lactic Acid.

Deciem The Ordinary Niacinamide with Zinc.

Also, lots of people with acne-prone skin find that doing peels at home can help their skin, and I definitely find that these products leave my skin so much more glowy and clear.  So here’s a little video I made about my favourite peel products and why I love them.

Also! I didn’t mention this but I really like Tea Tree oil for blemishes too and I’ve found it to be effective!

If you have anything that you love for taking care of our acne, let us all know in the comments!

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