Innovative Toner from Rocky Mountain Soap Company

I love using a toner on my skin after I wash it, but I hate all the waste that cotton pads can create especially when you apply a toner twice a day.


Now, I’ve discovered the toners from Rocky Mountain Soap company which actually come in a convenient spray bottle.  Made with a blend of extracts and oils, you just shake the bottle to blend the oils, and then spray on your face after cleansing or any time during the day.  Wait for the toner to sink into your skin, and then proceed with your regular skincare routine.  It’s nice to have a cotton pad to take care of residue left over from cleansing, but if that’s not a concern for you then the spray is the way to go.

I’m particularly impressed with the Purifying Toner.  It’s got Tea Tree oil which helps keeps skin clear without drying it out the way that drugstore acne ointments can.  And if you need more of the active ingredients, then you can use the Purifying Serum which has similar benefits but in a serum form.  I also love spritzing the toner on my face throughout the day and I know that I’ll be getting the benefits from it but without ruining my makeup.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rocky Mountain Soap Company, know that they’re a brand from the West Coast that believes in toxin-free skincare.  They use natural ingredients that have proven skincare benefits, and aim to make products that are safe for your whole family to use.  If you have little ones in your life, you know how important this can be and how difficult to find!  I’ve loved finding out about their sunscreen, which is unlike anything I’ve used from the drugstore and actually smells better too!  I’m also now a fan of their face care products which promise to take care of my skin in a gentle yet effective way.

Find them online or at their stores.


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