Inspiration of the Day: The Olsen Twins

I haven’t seen a good picture of the Olsen Twins for a while, and the wait has been worth it.  They looked flawless at the Opera, and I am going to try to channel this look by putting away my blush for a while, and rimming my eyes with a shimmery eyeshadow.  I don’t think a copper would work as well on me as it did on them.  Copper is excellent for blue eyes, and I might just stick with a taupe instead. But I love seeing that the look works with a natural lipgloss, or a matte lip.

The one thing that I can’t get over is their skin.  The makeup doesn’t look caked on and their skin is glowy and creamy looking!  I’m sure that I could make this work with a dose of highlighter.  I am liking Champale highlighter from MAC’s early spring collection.

Also, did you notice the YSL clutch?  So pretty and perfect for their outfits.

This is definitely good inspiration for spring.

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  1. I can never tell who is who lol. But I love the makeup on the sister to the left, and the outfit on the sister to the right. hehe!

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