Is Moroccanoil Bad For Your Hair?

Have you heard that Moroccanoil makes your hair fall out? Makes your scalp itchy?  Leaves your hair dryer than when you started using it?  That it’s full of silicones and they’re bad for your hair? That it’s not even from… Morocco?  Is Moroccanoil bad for your hair?

The short answer is… that it’s not more bad than other hair products.  Which generally means that it’s fine.

Some people done like the silicones that are in the Moroccanoil, but there are silicones in lots of hair care products.  If you go looking for hair products without them, your list will be pretty short.  That’s because they make your hair so soft and make it look conditioned.  They improve the look and feel of your hair, and so they’re in virtually everything, from shampoos to conditioners to hair serums.  It was the key ingredient in John Frieda’s original Frizz Ease hair serum and it has been copied many times over.

The problem is that overuse of silicones can cause them to build up on your hair – but that’s why we wash our hair. To get rid of any build-up or any silicones that might now be mixed with sweat and dirt and oil.  Wash your hair and start fresh, and if anything incorporate some silicone-free products into your routine.

You might also have an allergic reaction to any ingredient in Moroccanoil, in which case, don’t use it. But that can happen with any product periodt.

I think that people start conspiracy theories whenever a product because popular because they don’t like it and it doesn’t work for them.  But is Moroccanoil bad for your hair? Probably not.


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