Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

If you haven’t been able to find Jane Iredale cosmetics, it could be because you haven’t been looking in the right places. This line of mineral makeup is found mostly at spas here in Canada.

In any case, I recently had a chance to try some of the products from Jane Iredale. I tried their Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder which you buff on to your skin with a brush.

Like most mineral foundations that I’ve tried, the colour match was a bit off. It looked fine in the container but it went on slightly light and was not an exact match. The next colour up was much too dark, but no matter. It was fixed up with a bit of bronzer swept across the face and followed by a touch of blush that was extremely natural looking.

The makeup does have shimmer in it, but I was quite pleased to see that once the makeup was on, the shimmer wasn’t that noticeable on my skin, even out in the sunlight! I also loved that I could use this as a concealer – I just layered some extra foundation under my eyes and the look was natural.

The makeup lasts all day, and resists sweat and oil for the most part. Because I’m used to the way that my skin looks, I thought that there was too much product on my skin, but I know that from a distance, my skin looked perfect. It was flawless and if that’s the look that you want, you’ll be able to get it with Jane Iredale.

What I love about this brand was the colour selection available for all the products and its absolutely weightless feel.

This brand is sold at salons and spas and you may also be able to find it at a dermatologist’s office.

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  1. Suzann says:

    Like you, I love the flawless look of my Jane Iredale. The coverage doesn’t seem to be as complete as some other minerals, but it’s light and easy to apply. I love your idea of using it as an under eye concealer – thanks!

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