Jennifer Aniston at 2010 Golden Globes

Ok, this is really the last.

I know that Jennifer Aniston gets so much flak for being boring, but I think that she just sticks to what really works for her but changes things up in a subtle way.

Take her hair over here.  Yes, it’s the same honey hue that it’s been for years, but at the Golden Globes, it’s beachy and windswept even though the weather is anything but.

People, this is what I call channeling your inner glam – you dictate the mood and style and you can make yourself whatever you want to be.  If you want to be glam on a weekday, then that is up to you.  If you want to rock red lipstick at a simple dinner out with your girlfriends, then you should!  Bring it!  Jen did.

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4 Responses to Jennifer Aniston at 2010 Golden Globes

  1. Sherri says:

    Jennifer always looks stunning. An amazingly beautiful lady.

  2. There have been tons of cruel remarks about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the web lately. I feel she appears terrific, especially after losing a couple of pounds.

  3. andy says:

    Are you kidding OMG SHE LOOKS THE SAME IN EVERY PICTURE I SEE OF HER! Amazing what is so amazing of her i want to know what her body, have a baby for 9 months i want to see her amazing body after that, raise a child and have a baby, and let me see her amazing body, she knows she will never be able to look as AMAZING as many ladies who had a baby and look beautiful. This women is all about herself hear me STUCK UP JENS ASS FANS, its all about HER, I don’t know how Brad stood with her all those years but you know what i am seeing the truth now Brad was a gentleman, he respect her till the end, and i am sure he had to leave her in a gentle way, because if he ready had left her by cheating the women would had fallen apart. Because its always been about HER AND ONLY HER!

  4. Jennifer Aniston is really great and she’s so powerful I really think she’s just such an encouragement to all.

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