Jennifer Lopez at the MET Gala

I’m definitely having a Jennifer Lopez moment here.  I just love her makeup!  Most of the time, she is all bronzed up, and then I see her at the MET gala with smoky eyes which I feel she never does!

I love them here.  I’m trying to figure out what shadow I would use to do them.  It would definitely have to be a gray, because there’s not a lot of dark pigment here.

Share what you would use in the comments!

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1 Response to Jennifer Lopez at the MET Gala

  1. Sarluita says:

    I agree…she looks stunning here…she’s my fav red carpet diva…I love her messy updo look that she has here and had at the oscars…she’s definitely the best dressed at the MET Gala…that dress is super dramatic without looking weird

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