TBT: Jennifer Lopez

Proof that good makeup is timeless.  Here’s a picture of Jennifer Lopez from over 10 years ago!  2007 to be exact.  Good makeup accentuates your features and looks timeless.  This look would be good today too!   Yes, Jennifer Lopez looks amazing and she already has, but it helps having experts who know what they’re doing.
I came across this picture of Jennifer Lopez and had to post it. Her hair and makeup look flawless (and yes, there are times when it doesn’t). She’s wearing false lashes, of course, but what I love is that her eye is smoky but not. There’s definitely a lot of drama going on there, with the heavy eyeliner and long pretty lashes, but the eyeshadow is mauve rather than a dark purple or grey. A nice coral flush and natural coloured lips complete the look. I think it’s her dark hair (notice the darker highlights rather than her usual blond) that makes the look seem darker and more dramatic. In any case, she looks amazing.

Picture from PerezHilton.com

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  1. Sugarshock says:

    I think she looks great too! the bold eyes with the nude lip is a look I’m loving right now.
    Great blog, by the way!
    from a fellow Canadian,
    🙂 Kristen

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