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In other news, Jessica Alba showed off her new shorter hair at the premiere of Meet the Fockers last night. This hair style reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s a couple of years ago, and that of course means that it’s a couple of years too late. I’m not feeling the style – I get that she’s probably trying to be chic, but it’s just not enough.

What do you guys think? Does Jessica’s new hair style make her look better than ever before?

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3 Responses to Jessica Alba – Bob

  1. I really like this look on her. So many celebrities have the long, wavy hair (or extensions), and it can get borning sometimes. This look is a breath of fresh air compared to the long blond locks I’ve been seeing her in. And sure, it might be two years too late, but I think it’s great when celebrities, or anyone for that matter, does what they feel like doing with their hair rather than following whta the current trend is.

  2. Henna says:

    I agree! No extensions and totally natural is a good thing, so I’m on board with that too. Thanks for your comment Christina!

  3. sarluita says:

    I think it looks really cute! I was trying to grow out my hair but now I’m inspired to cut it again…
    it’s kinda like paltrows…but shorter…and the highlights make it less drabby than paltrow wore it

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