Jessica Biel in Revlon Ads

I just caught sight of these Revlon advertisements featuring Jessica Biel.  To tell you the truth, I had to stop for a minute to even realize that it was her.  She some how evokes an ’80’s image for me, or maybe that’s just because of the Skinlights ad seeing as that used to be one of Revlon’s most iconic product.  I used to have a friend who swore by it and introduced me to it.  And I realized that I could add it to my moisturizer or foundation to give me a bit of a glow.

What do you think of the ads?  Do they inspire you to buy Revlon products?

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  1. Making Jessica Biel the image model for Revlon I think is a good choice because she really can communicate a message that she is a normal girl just like anybody else and it will make girls want to buy the product more.

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