John Frieda Full Repair Protecting Root Lift Foam

I always use a foam when I blow dry my hair because it makes it look as if I have more hair.  Nothing has worked better than The Root Lift Foam from John Frieda’s new line Full Repair.  This foam worked so well that people actually commented on how much hair it looked like I had.

The Root Lift Foam is ultra light but formulated with Inca Inchi Oil that’s in all of John Frieda’s Full Repair products.  This oil prevents your hair from becoming overly dry due to heat styling but because it’s in a foam, you still get more volume and lift if you use this at the root.  The best way to use this is to follow the instructions – divide your hair into sections and apply some foam to each section so that  you whole head is covered with some foam.  There’s no need to apply this to the ends because it will just weigh your hair down.

If you have curly hair, this will do a good job at providing more bounce and volume to that too, so sometimes I use this foam and just let my hair air dry!

In case you missed it, I’ve tried a few John Frieda products recently and you can check out the reviews here.

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