John Frieda Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher Review

I’ve tried a ton of those powders that are meant to be dry shampoos. They do work. They absorb grease, and brush into hair so that it’s lighter.

The thing is, sprinkling powder into your hair doesn’t always work that well and getting the back of your head can be difficult. Also, these powders are meant to be used at the root which means that the rest of your hair sometimes miss out on the same grease fighters.

But now, there’s John Frieda’s Anytime Volume Refresher. It’s great because it’s a super light powder in an aerosol spray can so that it blasts your hair with powder and fragrance. Because this is a spray, it’s way lighter than most hair powders and that means that you probably need to use more of it, but that also means that you don’t get a white residue in your hair, unless you use too much.

I turn my hair upside down, and spray the crown and the back of the head. Then I brush it in or blend it in with my fingers, and flip my hair right side up. I do find that it adds volume, and absorbs grease, and it’s light enough for me to use first thing in the morning without worrying that my hair will be too powdery.

This is the Holy Grail of dry shampoos just because of the lightness that it provides and the price. You can’t go wrong.

Available at all drugstores.

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  1. Dot & Lil says:

    I have very curly hair, that I wear blown straight most of the time, so I have been on the search for a product that can stretch each blow dry!! Going to give this one a try, definitely.

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