Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

This is the best cheap way to get hydrated skin – Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel.
Now, if you haven’t heard of this or seen it, just look for it in the baby care section of your local supermarket or drugstore. It’s basically mostly baby oil with the addition of a couple of other ingredients to make the baby oil into a gel. Works the same way as the original baby oil.

The best way to use this gel is to use it in conjunction with your soap in the shower – not only does this method cut down on time spent in the bathroom but it also ensures that you’re not left with an oily residue that wipes on to your clothes. Lather yourself with your regular soap or body wash and then, before you rinse, slick on this gel. Finally, rinse off the soap and excess oil and get out of the shower. Dry yourself as usual. Chances are that you won’t need a moisturizer after you use this and if you do decide to use one, it’ll go a lot further. I use this every single winter and it really works and once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it too.

$5 at the drugstore or mass merchandisers.

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