Juliette Lewis – Matchy Matchy but Good!

Juliette Lewis at a screening of “Conviction” is breaking all my rules about getting ready for a night out.  Her lipstick and nails match her dress (I hate overly matchy matchy makeup) and she’s wearing a dark liner/shadow with a bright red lip.  Surprisingly, she pulls it all off, and I think she looks pretty good!

Her one redeemer: The fantastic dress!  I love lace and red lace on top of black is a good surprise.

What do you think?  Would you take style cues from this lady?

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1 Response to Juliette Lewis – Matchy Matchy but Good!

  1. I think for some reason it has something to do with the upper part of the dress. It’s a tube dress and a lot of skin shows at the top (not in a trashy way though). If this had straps or was somethign like a halter top, having the lace that close to her face would tend to clash with her makeup and hair. I like this look, it’s not too bad.

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