Jurlique Facial

I’ve been so stressed out the past couple of weeks and really since there is no cure for stress, I got myself a Jurlique facial at Bronzeado.

I have to say that I’m torn about whether facials really work or not. I have spoken to some skincare experts who say that the beauty of a facial is mostly in the goodness of the human touch that comes out of it. People like that and so they feel great after a facial.

While that might be true, before going any further I’m going to say that immediately after my Jurlique facial my skin was absolutely glowing and since the facial my skin looks great!

The Jurlique facial does of course use all Jurlique products, and the beauty of these products is that they use plant extracts. The extracts are taken from plants in a wholly unchemical and uncomplicated process. The plants are left to dry naturally and the extracts are taken out without the use of chemicals. They all smell amazing (many of them have a nice rose scent), and feel light and wonderful on the skin.

The facial starts with a double cleanse so that your skin is squeaky clean before the facial actually begins. Then there’s a steam exfoliation. What this means is that your face is steamed and then exfoliator is applied so that your pores are open when the exfoliating is done! Then of course you get an extraction (should your skin need it), you get a relaxing facial massage where your muscles are stimulated to increase blood flow. A mask is applied, washed off, and eye gel, neck and face serum, and moisturizer is applied.

All in all, the facial takes an hour and you come out refreshed, relaxed, and literally glowing. If you’ve never had a Jurlique facial before, I highly recommend it, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bronzeado. If you go, tell them I sent you!

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  1. Girl-Woman says:

    Facials and massages are my vices!!! Sounded fabulous.

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