Just in Time for Summer: Philosophy Total Matteness

There used to be a time when I could count on my skin breaking out in the summer time, so much so that it used to take me to the ProActiv counter – that was the only way that I could count on my skin staying clear.

Now, I don’t have that same problem with acne, but I still have combination skin, which means that once warmer weather is here, there’s just more oil and that really doesn’t do great things for large pores.

Philosophy Total Matteness

This summer, I’m turning to the Philosophy Total Matteness line for help. ¬†Formulated with special ingredients especially to absorb oil and keep skin matte, this line is for anyone who wants more matte, virtually poreless skin any time of year.

The superstar of the line is their Total Matteness Pore-Minimizing & Mattifying Cleanser + Mask ($29). Like most oil-absorbing masks, this cleanser is made of kaolin clay which is amazing at absorbing excess oils, but unlike most masks, it also foams which means that it’s great at really giving you a nice deep clean. The Cleanser + Mask can be used both ways – as an actual cleanser or as a mask when you have more time. Regardless of how long you leave it on your skin, you can be sure that it’s going to absorb oil, and give your skin a nice clean.

The line also contains a Mattifying Pore Refiner ($29) which is much like a toner. It not only takes care of any residue but gives your skin an extra dose of oil absorbing ingredients. As much as I really enjoyed using this toner, I did find that it did not work well with my Obagi sunscreen – it made it clump up, and since I had to pick either the sunscreen or the toner, I picked the sunscreen.

Finally, there is the Mattifying Pore Eraser ($42) which you layer on your skin or even on top of foundation to absorb oil and excess shine. It also contains salicylic acid to help with exfoliating dead skin cells. I like to apply this on top of foundation throughout the day to absorb oil – I use it like a powder but it’s not cakey so it doesn’t look like a powder.

All in all, the line is a must have this summer especially if you have oily skin. Check it out now at Sephora and select The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart stores


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