Karl Lagerfeld’s Just Like Us!

Harper’s Bazaar just did a day in the life of Kaiser Karl.  If you’ve ever watched a Karl Lagerfeld documentary, you know that he’s a major hoarder.  There is neat organized clutter everywhere in his home – magazines, books, more multiples than one can use of anything and everything.  I guess if you’re the man behind enormously successful Chanel collections, you can afford it all, but the man loves excess.

It therefor is no surprise that his bathroom has so much product – and some pink roses of course.  At this rate, Karl could start a beauty blog of his own, because it seems that every brand and price range is represented.  Check out the images below.  I spot Shu Uemura cleansing oil, lots of La Mer, Elseve – which looks like drugstore to me – and Azzaro? There’s hardly any Chanel products in the mix.

What do you see?

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