Kate Beckinsale in Smoky Grey

Kate Beckinsale has gone grey!  The stylish star wore grey from her fingertips to her eyes.

I love the gunmetal grey polish that she was sporting, but I especially loved the understated smoky eye.  Ladies, if you feel as if your eyes can’t handle smoky shadow, take a page out of Ms. Beckinsale’s book.  The star, skips the eyeliner and just adds the smoky shadows to the other corners of her eyes.  There’s a teeny bit of smudged shadow at the lowest lashline too and of course there is mascara.

A contour on the cheek and a natural lip colour is a must these days.

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1 Response to Kate Beckinsale in Smoky Grey

  1. Dermagurl says:

    You are totally on the mark here! Grey on grey looks great on her! This is a great picture. Thanks Henna!

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