Kenzo Hands and Feet Fantasy Kit

If there’s one thing that I am obsessed with in the winter, it’s a good hand cream, and I find any excuse I can to use it.

If there’s one thing that I need in the winter, it’s foot cream, but unfortunately in those matters, I find that I can be rather lazy.

And then the perfect gift floats by me.

It’s Kenzo’s Hands and Feet Fantasy Kit which includes their Sensual Hands Balm and their Barefeet Fantasy Balm. Both are ultra thick and super luxurious, and have Kenzo’s signature steamed rice scent. The steamed rice scent makes this whole kit for me. It is so soothing and calming, and pretty in an under the radar kind of way.

The kit also includes a muff for your hands, and socks for your feet, so apply the balms and then let them soak in for long-lasting hydration.

I am thinking of this kit for my mom or an aunt – both love products that give them an excuse for some TLC time to themselves.

The kit is available on for $56.

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