Kerastase Soleil Collection

The summer might be almost over (still hanging on to it over here), but the sun is still going to be on your hair, and it might be worth it to explore the Kerastase Soleil collection which was new this year. Kerastase knows that summer hair is light and easy, so the products in this collection are light on moisture so they don’t weigh down your hair, but they’re still gentle.

I love every part of this collection, but especially the shampoo ($45) and conditioner ($66).  The shampoo is clear but moisturizing.  There’s nothing I love more than a clear shampoo because it makes your hair really clean and doesn’t leave much of a residue.  The conditioner is also super light.  It absorbs into hair almost instantly, helping detangle but not leaving much after it’s washed out.

The Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur ($48) is like sunscreen for your hair – it’s great for protecting it but light on hold and on frizz-fighting.  It enhances shine and helps hair look and feel healthier.

Available online and in salons.


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