Kim Kardashian – Lash Overboard?

So here’s your makeup question of the day?  Are these lashes natural or not, and do they look good?

I keep seeing pictures of Kim Kardashian with absolutely crazy lashes.  I know that her eye lashes are naturally long, but there’s definitely something weird going on with these.  They just seem way to spiky in a totally un-uniform way and I’m not digging it.  And the overly pale and neutral makeup?  Also not my favourite, but maybe I’d like it a little more if the lashes were a little toned down!

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3 Responses to Kim Kardashian – Lash Overboard?

  1. AnnieA says:

    Seriously? Of course they’re fake!

  2. Kathy says:

    Totally fake with mascara on top of them. Honestly, I kinda expect her to be over the top and extreme.

  3. Oh dear, those are out of control. They kinda make me think of centipedes eeeeeeeek!

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