L’Oreal Go 360 Clean Cleanser

First things first – I really enjoyed the smell of this cleanser! I used the deep exfoliating scrub version, which was a mango-peach version and I couldn’t get enough of it. As for the scrub it self, I liked it enough, but wasn’t in love. It was gentle and lathered really well, two things I look for in any scrub. The little scrublet that it comes with is gentle and gave my face a nice little massage that I’m convinced got the blood flowing and gave me a rosy glow. The thing is, the Neutrogena Wave is just a better exfoliator that gives me instantly softer, smoother skin, and you can’t compete with a product like that.

I started using the cleanser as a body wash instead, and this is where the like turned into love. In my Best of 2009 list, H20’s Tango Mango Body Buffer came in as one of my favourites, and this cleanser is so similar! It’s got the mango scent down, and I only needed a little bit of the product on my loofah for a rich lather. It’s a much gentler than the H20 scrub version because the texture isn’t as hard, but I think that’s perfect for the summer when you don’t need as intense of an exfoliant. It’s also half the price!

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