La Mer SPF 18 Fluid Tint

Could it be that after reviewing a slew of amazing products, it was inevitable that I would be disappointed to the tinted moisturizer that I was most looking forward to reviewing?

It’s not that this is a bad product – not at all. This tint was the sheerest of the tinted moisturizers I tried and had a hint of colour but hardly any coverage. It really is a tint. The moisturization was nice but not heavy which may be a good thing if you’re looking for something basic. I was surprised that this had an SPF of 18 because it felt like nothing going on, though I did have to wait for it to soak into my skin. Once on, however, this tinted moisturizer looked pretty natural, though I had to make sure that I had blended it into my skin very well.

The three colours offered are decent with there being a large difference between the “medium” and the “dark.” which means that someone is going to get left out when looking for a colour match. Still, if you believe in the quality of La Mer products, then you’ll probably love this foundation too.

Final Verdict: Very light with a hint of tint and almost no coverage. This is for those of you who insist on wearing a tinted moisturizer when you really don’t need it. It would also be a great product for evening out your skin if you have patches that are slightly lighter or darker since this will add colour without obvious coverage.

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