La Mer

La Mer moisturizer is pretty expensive for most people and so I’m expecting that many of you are going to be looking forward to this review.

Go to any department store, and when you ask for a top-of-the-line moisturizer, they’ll try to sell you on La Mer. There is just so much hype about this product. Jennifer Lopez uses it by the boatload and if it’s good enough for her, well…

The great thing about the original Creme de la Mer is that it’s good for every skin type. Even a combination-skinned gal like me can use it, and I know that people with very dry skin love it as well. It makes a great base for makeup and does moisturize all day. It’s a great barrier for you skin and helps protect it against the elements.I think that a jar of Creme de la Mer would make a great Mother’s Day gift if you can afford it. It might be something your mother wants to try anyway, and it’s a luxurious product both in feel and in touch.

It absorbs and then just leaves your skin so nice and smooth.  It’s not greasy but it’s definitely meant for drier skin and not oily skin.  It’s not something I need to use everyday but I’ll reach for it if my skin is dry.

Available at La Mer counters in department stores.

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6 Responses to La Mer

  1. Connie says:

    I’m currently a user of La Mer and I’m absolutely in love with it. it’s my skin saviour! wow! it works for you even though you don’t warm the product first? I was told that warming up is a must because the product is encapsulated or something so you have to warm it up somehow to release the ingredients

  2. Henna says:

    I just could not get it to melt, but I’m thinking that the mere act of rubbing it over your face with your fingers is going to break said “capsules”.

    What do you think?

  3. CJ says:

    I’m so eager to try this product! It’s really expensive, so it would definitely be a “special” purchase.

  4. Sandra D says:

    I know quite a bit about La Mer bc I’ve been trained on it and if you don’t use your body(fingers, palms) to warm it up it won’t work. You need the positive energy from your body to get it to work. By putting it straight on your face thick and white it won’t do anytihng. I know it seems crazy but go to any La Mer counter and they’ll explain it.

  5. Henna says:

    Sandra, speaking as someone who has icicles for fingers, I went through the whole “positive energy” rigmarole and it didn’t really work.

  6. Sandra D says:

    LOL no no noone has colder hands and feet than me! Go to one of the counters and they’ll show you. The ladies @ Yorkdale are the best!!!

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