La Mer The Hydrating Facial Mask

La Mer The Hydrating Facial 2009If you like all things luxury, then head over to the La Mer for your masks.

The Hydrating Facial mask and it’s a cloth mask that you lay on your face for about 10 minutes. The mask is soaked in a rich hydrating cream that’s not oily or greasy but that packs a punch when it comes to moisturizing skin. After 10 minutes, remove the mask and massage the remainder of the cream on to your skin.

I used this mask once and noticed a difference right away especially on the skin under my eyes. It was smooth and soft instead of being slightly dry. Pick up The Hydrating Facial at Holt Renfrew in Canada. Retail price is $330 for 6 treatments. Also available online.

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4 Responses to La Mer The Hydrating Facial Mask

  1. sharon says:

    I cannot believe that even with money as no object, people would buy this type of over-hyped product. There are plenty of other options out there to do a really good job, from companies like Aveda and Estee Lauder. If you blindly believe what the advertising tells you and you don;t research what you’re putting on your face then it’s true – fools and their money are soon parted. And yes I know about advertising and marketing, I was in the business for 20+ years and yes I know about skin care.

  2. Henna says:

    Sharon, what did you do while you were in the business?

  3. Elena says:

    I have never tried anything by La Mer, but I have heard lots of great things. It’s a splurge and they do not usually offer samples, so I would be happy to try this and then maybe purchase something else.
    What a fabulous contest! Thank you and I will keep my fingers crossed for this one.

  4. Henna says:

    Elena, the La Mer counter does regularly have samples so make sure you ask. They won’t have samples of this mask, but they will most definitely offer samples of their creams and foundations.

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