Lady Vengeance and Juliette has a Gun

For the past few weeks, I have been absolutely smitten by Juliette Has a Gun. Created by the grandson of Nina Ricci, Juliette Has a Gun takes the traditional and upgrades it, giving it a rock and roll edge.

Think a younger customer who doesn’t want to smell like a candy store or a spa. Think someone who wants something original yet not smell like they work in a garden or a department store. Something unique yet familiar at the same time. In my mind, this is a perfume for the young generation of today and forever epitomizes it.

I have three more words: I love it.

Of the two, my favourite is the kind in the black bottle – Lady Vengeance. It’s roses mixed with patchouli and vanilla and is sort of sweet yet mature all at the same time.

There’s also Miss Charming which is a much sweeter blend – lychee and rose. It is well mixed and pretty but not quite my style.

And don’t forget the amazing bottles – how pretty are they? Plus, because they’re opaque, you know that the perfume will be unaffected by sunlight and will keep for a longer time.

Find it at Sephora stores. $145 for 100ml.

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