Laguna Body Illuminator Review

Body bronzer is a must have for the summer because it makes your skin look glowing and healthy.  It can disguise blemishes and make arms and legs look more tanned.  The problem is that the body oils rub off on clothes, furniture, and people and make clean up essential.

But the NARS Laguna Body Illuminator doesn’t do any of that.

It’s a light gel formula that’s filled with pigment and shimmer.  Because it’s a gel it dries and doesn’t rub off your skin.

I found that this was really easy to use.  It takes 10 minutes to dry, which means that I had tons of time to rub it in properly and make sure I had an even application.  The best way to use this is to not wear any moisturizer underneath so that it dries on your skin and can stick to it.

I wore a black dress the night I used this, and it was still clean at the end of a long night.  The Illuminator came off when I showered, and a bit rubbed off on my pajamas, but I was just happy that I could wear it for half a day without any smearing around.

The only reason I won’t be using this more, is that it’s quite dark for my tan skin, and I would have liked something with gold shimmer in it instead of the reddish brown Laguna colour.  But this is still in my makeup kit because it made me look so good, and I might still reach for it now and then.

Pick it up at your local Nars counter.  It is way better than the Nars Body Glow body oil which is a lovely oil but isn’t transfer proof like the Body Illuminator is.   I hope they bring this out in lots of different colours so I can use it year round!

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