Lancaster Legendary Tan Review

As you may well know, I am all about the body oils, and I was intrigued when I heard that Lancaster’s Legendary Tan sensual oil made your tan look better!

How is this possible?

Right on the bottle it says that there is no sunscreen or self-tanner in the product, so it’s definitely not working by making your skin tan more. It’s also not supposed to be worn while you tan – it’s supposed to be applied on top of a tan to make it look better!

Turns out that this oil has some beta-carotene in it – that’s right, think of carrots – yes, this oil is orange and so it adds a touch of colour to your body so that your tan looks more golden and pretty. The touch of colour really does work, and it’s so subtle that you won’t even realize that you’re wearing it. Your skin will just look nice and golden.

The only downside is that because this is an oil, it will rub off on your clothes, and it leaves a bit of an orangy colour on anything that’s not black. Not fun. But if you’re planning on lounging around in a bathing suit all day, then you won’t be too bothered.

Pick this up at your Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale stores for $34.

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  1. Dot & Lil says:

    Nice looking bottle, too!

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