Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal

…Crystal Brightness Activating Essence review.

Lancome Blanc ExpertSo, usually, I’m not into anything that has “whitening” or in this case “blanc” in the title, but when a bottle of Lancome Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal ended up on my desk I hung on to it, just in case.  It got its street cred by being made in Japan instead of France, and also thanks to a tiny bit of fine print that said “tested on Asian skin”.  Well then!  It was probably good enough for me.

Well, thank goodness I did hang on to it, because I’m in need of some serious skincare TLC, and wanted something that would brighten.  I figured this would do the trick.

The serum is clear, almost watery in consistency, and super light, which makes me think that it would work on any and every skin type without causing much of a breakout.  One dropper-full is enough to coat my face and neck  and before I know it, the serum has sunk in and is doing its thing.

Now, after a couple of weeks of use, I have to say that my skin isn’t whiter but thanks to the serum it definitely has a super pretty glowy luminescent quality to it. I actually love using it so much that I’ve taken to applying it to the back of my hands, because you know, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?  And I think it’s making a difference.  My hands are definitely clearer… and not whiter, which in the end, is a good thing, because that would be weird.

$130 at Lancome counters.

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