Lancome Color Fever Gloss

For the past little while, I’ve been wearing Lancome’s Color Fever Gloss and I love it so much that I might just have to pick up another colour. The gloss is unsticky but thick so it stays on for a long time. I have the colour Smoke Out, and let me say that if I had seen it online first, I probably wouldn’t have bought it – on the screen it looks grey! The gloss is not grey at all but is actually a clear gloss with whitish silvery shimmer in it. It’s really pretty and gives your lips a punch without adding too much colour. It also smells delicious – sort of like lychee juice – and makes my mouth water every time I put it on.

The applicator of the gloss is different. It’s a hollow heart shape which helps take more lip gloss out of the tube. I like the applicator because it means that I’ll never have to dip back into the tube to get enough lip gloss. It also means that both my bottom lip and my top lip get a nice even layer of lip gloss and I never need to go over it to make sure it’s applied properly. A lip gloss that goes on easily, smells amazing, and stays put comfortably on my lips – what’s not to love? Check out Lancome’s Color Fever Gloss and see for yourself.

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2 Responses to Lancome Color Fever Gloss

  1. gsquared says:

    Hi Henna,
    I believe L’Oreal came out with a lipgloss with the same heart shaped sponge tip. Have you tried that one before? I’m wondering how it compares since Lancome is under L’Oreal and I think L’Oreal came out with the same lipgloss first. I forgot what it’s called, but the ads star Scarlett Johanson in it.

    Anyways, I’ve finally joined the blogging world and I’ve linked you to my site (if that’s ok). Feel free to link me too 😉

  2. Henna says:

    Gsquared, I totally know the gloss you’re talking about! This applicator is the same as the one for L’Oreal Glam Shine lip gloss. To answer your question, even though the applicator is the same, the glosses themselves are quite different in texture and feel. I find that the Lancome Color Fever glosses are more pigmented (hence the name). The L’Oreal glosses are more slick and creamy but not as shiny as the Lancome ones. They’re really two different products and each has its merits. Hope that helps!

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